Teeth Whitening Melbourne

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to give yourself a whiter, brighter smile. Using advanced dental techniques, we can break down teeth discolouration and whiten your smile by a magnitude of shades. We have a range of shades to choose from, and several kinds of teeth whitening each with varying levels of effectiveness and permanence. Book a consultation today and discuss with the Victoria Street Dental team your requirements. We can help you choose the shade of white which will best suit your smile and give you the results you’re looking for. Call today for professional teeth whitening Melbourne.

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Personalised Teeth Whitening Solutions

The team at Victoria Street Dental specialise in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. With years of experience we can help you achieve a brighter smile. When it comes to teeth whitening, everyone’s teeth are different. The amount of discolouration, the composition of your teeth and your general oral health can all have a large impact on the effectiveness of teeth whitening. Different teeth whitening methods will work better for different people, and it’s important to work out which one will work best for you. Through an initial consultation our dentists can assess your teeth and provide you with a personalised teeth whitening solution that will give you the best results.


Teeth Whitening Techniques

We offer two main options for teeth whitening; in-chair whitening and take-home whitening. In chair whitening is usually a longer, more involved procedure that involves using specialised tools and a higher concentration of whitening gel. It provides instant and lasting results, but is more expensive than take-home whitening.

Take home whitening is your standard teeth whitening kit. These kits involve putting a whitening gel into a mouth guard that you wear either for a short time or overnight. They whiten your teeth slowly over time and can give you great results if used correctly. Our dentists can create a custom mouth guard for you as well to improve and accelerate results. Talk to our team about this service today.

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An Experienced and Passionate Team

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service from start to finish. Our team is ready to greet you when you come in and guide you through your service, whether you’re just in for a check-up or undergoing a lengthy procedure. We aim to make it as easy as possible to get the service you need, focusing on creating a painless and stress-free dental experience. Additionally, we’re a preferred for provider for MediBank Private, BUPA and HCF, and offer several payment plans to make dental care more affordable than ever.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Today

Victoria Street Dental are your local dentist, providing dental care for people all across Melbourne. We’re just a short drive from the CBD, and have all the facilities to make your dentist experience smooth and stress free. We also provide dental care for families all across the Eastern Suburbs like Kew, Abbotsford and Hawthorn. Take the first step towards brighter teeth today. Book an appointment online or call us now on (03) 9428 0376.