Teeth Cleaning Melbourne

Professional teeth cleaning will leave you feeling fresh and provide you with the information you need to best care for your teeth. As well as a thorough clean, our dentists can detect any dental issues during the comprehensive examination and evaluation appointment, such as gum disease, holes or gaps in your teeth, and they help you improve your oral hygiene routine. We arm you with the tools and knowledge to keep your teeth at their best as long as possible. If you’re thinking about getting professional teeth cleaning Melbourne, Victoria Street Dental can provide an outstanding service from start to finish. Book your teeth clean and check-up online today, or call us on (03) 9428 0376.

Learn How to Care for Your Teeth Better

Learn How to Care for Your Teeth Better

Good dental health starts and ends with you. Everyone’s teeth are different, and knowing your unique situation and understanding what it takes to keep your teeth clean and healthy is essential. While a professional teeth scale and clean can remove stains, plaque and tartar that normal brushing can’t, prevention is the best way to keep your teeth healthy in the long run. Let our experienced dentists show you how to take care of your teeth and improve your overall oral health.


Regular Teeth Cleaning Melbourne

We recommend regular cleans for all our patients, as they are the best way to keep up with changes to your oral health. Getting professional teeth cleaning Melbourne every 6-12 months can help you keep stains and plaque to a minimum, detect any dental issues early and give you a better chance at keeping your teeth in top condition your whole life. Book your first clean today and see the difference it can make for you. If you’re switching dentists, our team can accommodate request for your existing dental records to make the transition process swift and simple give you the best results. This way we will get to know your situation from the moment we meet you

Teeth Cleaning Melbourne
Why Choose Victoria Street Dental

Why Choose Victoria Street Dental?

Three simple words. Friendly, Precise and Comprehensive. From the moment you step into the clinic, our welcoming team here at Victoria Street Dental are dedicated to making your experience with as relaxing and as stress-free as possible. Secondly, our dentists have a keen eye for detail and precision. Dr Caroline Horng has more than 30 years dental experience, so she has had a bit of time to perfect her skills. Dr Gavin Yang has a keen eye for detail and doing orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry means that he is ever the perfectionist. Finally, apart from teeth cleaning, the entire dental team at Victoria St Dental also provide a comprehensive range of services including orthodontics, dental implants, TMJ treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

Book a Teeth Cleaning Appointment Today

If you need your teeth cleaned, choose Victoria Street Dental. Situated in the heart of Richmond, just a short drive from the CBD, we’re the dentist of choice for many when it comes to professional teeth cleaning. While the cost of teeth cleaning may vary depending on the work that needs to be done, we have a range of payment plans available to help you get the care you need easily. We’re also preferred providers for MediBank Private, BUPA and HCF. Book your teeth clean today by calling (03) 9428 0376.