Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Sometimes going to the dentist can be a real challenge. From dentist anxiety to a fear of needles or pain, there’s a great number of reasons people fear the dentist. Thankfully, if this sounds like you then we’ve got a solution. Using advanced technology and Sleep Dentistry techniques you can skip the procedure and still get the treatment you need. When you choose Victoria Street Dental you have the option of undergoing your procedure with sleep dentistry. Our sleep dentistry Melbourne experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you can undergo the procedure without pain or stress.

sleep dentistry melbourne

What Exactly is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry is the process of administering anaesthesia or a sedative and sending the patient either completely or partially to sleep, depending on the procedure. It’s the perfect solution for people who struggle with the dentist, as it removes the pain and stress of the procedure completely in most situations. In fact, once completely asleep many of our patients don’t remember any part of the procedure! This means you can get the treatment you need without any of the worries.


Can I Get Sleep Dentistry for My Procedure?

We offer sleep dentistry for almost all our services, with the exception of basic check-ups and cleans. Our most common sleep dentistry procedures are for:

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Sleep Dentistry for Children

It’s no surprise that many children dislike the dentist. There’s nothing fun about an oral check-up, and fillings and orthodontics can be even worse. It’s why we offer sleep dentistry for children, allowing the option of a mild sedative to help relax. Our dentists have extensive experience working with children and have the skills to provide a stress-free dentist experience for you and your child. Talk to our dentists today for more information on this service.

The Sleep Dentistry Melbourne Specialists

Located in the heart of Richmond, Victoria Street Dental offer advanced dental services for you and your family all across the Eastern Suburbs like Collingwood, South Yarra, Kew, Abbotsford and Hawthorn. Our friendly dentists and staff are dedicated to providing you with a relaxing stress-free dentist experience. We use the latest technology and are up to date with modern dental techniques, ensuring you’re getting the best possible service. No matter what service you’re getting, you can trust our team to deliver impressive results. Book your appointment online or call us today on and ask about sleep dentistry Melbourne.