Veneers are individually made thin pieces of either ceramic or porcelain that are bonded to the outer side of your teeth. These are an effective treatment to changing your smile dramatically if you have heavy discolouration, medium to large broken tooth structures or small unsatisfactory misalignment in the teeth. These are a lot less invasive than a crown but it does have its limitations. Your dentist will be able to discuss them in detail in relation to how it fits with your existing dentition.


Inlay and onlays are fixed dental restorations that are used similar to crowns but are less invasive. They are cemented permanently onto your teeth and are great for managing heavily damaged teeth as well as cracked tooth. Like other fixed prosthesis, there are different materials available and these are custom made to fit your tooth only; there will be no others like yours in the world. Our dentists will properly assess your condition before providing you with the different options available.