Orthodontics / Myobrace

Myobrace – Interceptive Orthodontic!

Myobrace is a revolutionary concept in children orthodontics. It is a braces alternative that doesn’t involve any conventional braces!

The cause of dental crowding and malocclusion is often not dentally related, more times than not there is an underlying functional issue which causes soft tissue malpositioning; this in turn can cause unwanted pressure on the dental arches causing malocclusion and crowding.

Early orthodontic treatment is also known as INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTIC. At this age, the teeth, jaw and facial tissues are still developing. That means certain conditions, such as crowding or functional issues may be easier to address and corrected. It may be possible to help teeth to erupt (emerge through the gums) into better positions using braces alternatives. It is common, for example, for the dental arch to be too small to fit all of the teeth. A few decades ago, the solution for crowding was almost always to extract some of the permanent teeth to make space. Early intervention takes advantage of the fact that a child’s face and jaw is still developing.

INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTIC may also be useful when the dental arches and jaws are not in the correct position. Functional appliances such as the Myobrace may fix or improve these problems. It’s a treatment option that combines the best features and benefits of removable and fixed devices.

The Myobrace specially trained dentist at our Melbourne clinic assesses the child, and if suitable, apply the Myobrace therapy by coupling specifically designed devices and particular exercises suitable for each child to help correct the underlying functional problem. This in turn will result in improved airway function, positioning of the jaw, tongue and soft tissue surrounding the mouth. Patient and parents will see a change in the occlusion of the teeth and decrease the extent of the dental crowding at an early age.

Early treatment is best for kids between 7 ~ 9 years old. Give us a call today to schedule your 45 minutes initial consultation to see if your kid is in need of an early prevention.

Some radiographs, photographs and models will most likely be required for full analysis and treatment planning. Your doctor will be able to discuss them with you in more detail.