Dental Hygiene

In order to achieve or maintain the smile you always wanted, we must also assess the surrounding structures that helps keep the teeth alive and in place.

Gum disease is a chronic disease that tends to catch people off guard. Bleeding is often the first sign of gum disease. It is important to be diligent with your oral hygiene. During our comprehensive examinations, we assess the condition of your gum. Discuss in detail your current oral hygiene and provide you with a tailored oral hygiene techniques and instructions in order to help you achieve the goal you always wanted.

Correct oral hygiene can help maintain gum disease, be it gingivitis or periodontitis; decreases sensitivity; prevent decay as well as minimise bad breath.


Sensitivity is a rising problem for many people. Teeth can become sensitive due to loss of tooth structure causing the underlying tooth structure to be exposed (the dentine part of the tooth). This can be the product of incorrect oral hygiene techniques or involuntary clenching or grinding.

Gum disease is also a major cause of teeth sensitivity, as the gum recedes, the dentine will be exposed which in turns causes sensitivity. From our comprehensive exams we provide to every single person, our dentists can identify the cause of the sensitivity. Provide you with the necessary information to help you combat the sensitivity as well as advising you on specific products that you can use for long-term success.

We are here to help you maintain your smile for the rest of your life.