Root canal treatment

When bacteria from dental decays or gum disease have affected the nerves in the tooth, the nerve will start to die and in the end the tooth will be infected. As we know that nothing can ever replace your own natural teeth. We do our best to try and save every tooth possible.

In situations like these, we would have to perform root canal treatment in order to removed the diseased nerves, sterilise and dress it before restoring it with a white filling or crown to prevent further reinfection. The tooth is carefully monitored along the way to see its progress before a final restoration is placed.

root canal treatment melbourne
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Root canal treatment often require several visits before it is completed. These procedures may be long and uncomfortable. In order to minimise this discomfort, we are trained in using the latest technology and equipment in root canal treatment to provide you with the smoothest appointment possible.

If you have any concerns about your teeth and infection contact our team to arrange an endodontic consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

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