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As the leading provider for interceptive orthodontics treatment in Melbourne, Victoria Street Dental can help you make the most informed decision when it comes to your dental care. Our dentists with special training in orthodontics in Melbourne are ready to walk you through your treatment options. We’ve treated children and adults of various ages for their dental care, from teeth straightening to jaw alignment, helping patients improve their oral health to their overall facial symmetry. Primarily focused on an individualised patient approach, we create treatment plans to specifically cater to the needs of our patients. Consult with us today to find the right orthodontics treatment for you. Achieve amazing results in as quickly as 6 months.

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orthodontics melbourne

What our orthodontics Melbourne dentists can do for you

Our dentists will inspect your teeth alignment and functional needs. We’re experienced in a wide range of children’s and adult orthodontics cases. Our goal is to improve the overall health and function of your teeth, as well as your jaw and associated joints. When your teeth are not in the correct position, this will create problems from chewing, dental pain to poor oral hygiene which can cause complications such as decay and gum disease. With a personalised approach, we can apply the most well suited solution for your corrective orthodontics treatment. We can revise your teeth alignment and improve the appearance of your smile. This can involve the use of conventional braces, internal lingual braces, clear braces (also known as ceramic braces) or near invisible options like Invisalign. Our dentists treat all types of orthodontic cases from complex surgical cases to minor dental corrections. Book your appointment with Victoria Street Dental now to see what we can do for you.

What happens during your orthodontic treatment

The right orthodontic treatment won’t only improve the health and function of your teeth and jaw, but help you feel more confident in your smile. Victoria Street Dental offers a wide range of orthodontics services. We treat a wide range of patients for any of the following needs: children’s orthodontics, adult orthodontics, complex or surgical orthodontics, and quick results orthodontics. We understand no two sets of teeth are the same. It’s why we provide a thorough and honest assessment of your teeth, gums and jaw prior to any treatment plan. Rely on our dentists for safe, professional results in the long term.

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Children’s orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics also known as children’s orthodontics are some of our most frequently handled cases. We have treatment options for children as young as 6 for any crowding or functional issues as well as any misalignment of dental arches and jaws. This includes braces alternatives or removable and fixed devices such as habit-breaking appliances, twin block appliances, palatal expanders and more. We encourage early treatment to help better your child’s teeth and jaw development as well as easier restructuring.

children orthodontics melbourne
adult orthodontics melbourne

Adult orthodontics

At Victoria Street Dental, we provide a wide range of options for adult orthodontics treatment. This includes traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, invisible alternatives to braces such as Invisalign, as well as lingual braces. We can help you find a reliable and comfortable solution to straighten your teeth while helping you feel confident throughout the course of your treatment.

Surgical orthodontics

For complex orthodontics cases, we offer surgical alternatives. We can correct problems ranging from open bite, deep bite, under-bite and overbite to malocclusion corrections in children and adults of various ages.

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fast orthodontics melbourne

Fast orthodontics

When you need quick results, we offer fast treatment plans for minor teeth corrections. Our teeth straightening options can be completed in as quickly as 6 months. From clear braces, clear aligners to fast orthodontic braces, we can help correct the health and alignment of your teeth and ensure optimal results.

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Rely on Victoria Street Dental for an honest and safe assessment of your dental health to achieve the best results. From providing expert advice to implementing the correct treatment plan, our dentists are experienced and professionally qualified to improve your teeth and jaw’s health and function. We can help you eliminate any pain or ongoing issues, address underlying concerns, as well as improve the overall function and correct the positioning of the jaw, tongue and soft tissue surrounding your teeth. Schedule your 45 minute initial consultation with our dentists for the perfect orthodontics treatment today.

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