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Looking for Myobraces Melbourne treatment to straighten your teeth? Book your appointment with leading dentists from Victoria Street Dental. We can resolve any dental issue from crooked or misaligned teeth to jaw formation and other oral habits. As poor dental alignment is not just an aesthetic issue, it’s essential to get your teeth straightened as early as possible to avoid the risk of long-term health issues. Call now to schedule your appointment.

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myobraces melbourne

The Ideal Age For Myobrace

BPA free and made of medical grade silicone, Myobrace are removable dental trainers best suited for patients of 3-15 years of age. They’re designed to be worn 1-2 hours during the day and overnight during bedtime. They’re most effective in obtaining successful results when used in early childhood as the teeth and jaws are developing.

How Do Myobraces Work

Myobraces is a no-braces dental treatment to straighten the teeth and jaws. It corrects the underlying muscle habits that cause the crooked or misaligned position of the teeth. Myobraces are often used in children who are too young for braces. When appropriately implemented with consistency, they can help children obtain successful results and further avoid the need for braces later in life. Myobraces are safe, biocompatible and BPA free. They won’t risk any choking hazards for kids.

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Do Myobraces Hurt Your Teeth

Myobraces do not place any additional pressure on the teeth unlike traditional braces. They’re known to be comfortable and easy to use, though they require a level of personal consistency. You may feel a slight sensitivity when it is first inserted, but this will ease in a few days and you won’t feel discomfort throughout the course of your treatment.

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myobraces melbourne

How Long Should Myobraces Be Worn

Myobraces are generally worn for two to three years. They can correct poor oral habits in growing children that are the real cause of crooked teeth and poor jaw growth. When applied correctly, they can create successful orthodontic correction without the need for braces later on in life. Myobraces also help improve facial development in growing children.

Can Myobrace Expand Palate

Myobraces can expand the palate and the arch, which is key to creating sufficient space for the teeth to grow in properly. Myobrace is typically implemented as a three-stage appliance system for permanent detention. The third stage of dental alignment takes place when the child has fully developed all of their permanent teeth.

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What Is Myobrace Used For

Myobrace is suitable for treating most orthodontic problems in young children from crossbites, overbites, underbites and other jaw problems. In malocclusion issues or overcrowding, Myobrace can expand the arch to allow more space for the teeth to properly align.

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Custom-Made Quality Myobrace For Comfort

Myobrace is custom made. They’re much more comfortable than traditional orthodontic alignment treatments like braces or Invisalign. It is custom-fitted to the child’s bite and has to be worn as directed. Soft and easy to maintain, they’re a reliable alternative to braces and other clear aligners.

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Myobrace is effective in gently straightening the teeth and improving mouth placement in children and young teens. Book an appointment with Victoria Street Dental to help your child reach ideal orthodontic outcomes.

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