Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are tooth shaped caps that are cemented permanently onto your teeth. Crowns are important in protecting and strengthening heavily damaged teeth; especially those that had a previous large restoration and/or have been root canal treated. They are also used for patient suffering from crack tooth syndrome. Crowns are also the final prosthesis to replace a missing tooth after implant treatment.

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A bridge can be made up of many units, it is used to replace the space caused by missing teeth. It is important to prevent any space in the dental arch as they can cause many problems overtime such as overruption of the opposing tooth, movement of the adjacent teeth as well as eating difficulties. These can all lead to an imbalance in occlusion causing grinding as well as the potential to cause decay or gum disease.

Receiving a crown or bridge involves careful tooth preparation so they appear completely natural when placed next to natural teeth. Receiving a crown or bridge will often require two appointments depending on your personal circumstance and current oral health.

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Both crowns and bridges are custom made from detailed cast models of your teeth and gum-line by a skilled technician at a dental laboratory.

There are many materials available to make these prosthesis each with its pros and cons. In order to choose the best material for you, your dentist will first assess your oral condition and discuss the options thoroughly with you relating to your specific situation.

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